Policy of sustainability

For the growing tourism, certifications for sustainability will be more and more important. Right now different certifications are offered.

To avoid hard foot prints we at Best of Scandinavia Incoming have created a policy for sustainability for our team that is working towards touristic actions and attractions:

  • We mainly work with local and regional companies that are paying taxes in the state or region they are working in. This give the people a fair and sustainable future.

  • We work mainly with GSTC suppliers
  • When travelling we prefer connections with flight companies that give the regions sustainable life and we prefer e.g. connections by SAS using the aircraft Airbus 320 neo. Our travels will affect the environment 20% less as older aircrafts would do.

  • Our company clothes and equipments are bought at least in Europe on our common market.

  • The equipment in our offices is bought local.

  • When travelling we use our own BOS bottles and we do not buy and therefore „produce“ more PET bottles for the waste bins.

  • Our offices are placed on more remote smaller places. We reinvest in the local societies, a key to all sustainability.

  • We work with markets that give its inhabitants free choice of creating their own lives.

"Our hearts decide what we take home from our journeys - our minds decide the depth of our footprints"

Rüdiger Alexander Lohf

Founder & General Manager
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